03 October 2016

Good Health

In the pursuit of Good Health,

Consumption of Organic food comes only as the second thing.

The first thing is to take Vow(s) to regulate Food habits and adhering to it at all cost!

17 September 2016

Dealing with the PAST

Let's carry enough PAST with us to wade through the FUTURE!
    as more of it could bog us down!
    And less of it could blow us away!

29 August 2016

Growth & Decay

Like in plants & trees, physical growth in humans too happen till a stage in life. Then the process of decay kicks in. Like in plants & trees, only during this decay process, the fruits of the labour during the growth stage is formed and made available . And the decayed physical components of humankind merging with its origin, ie, SOIL, ensures the sustainability of this wheel of Life. 

BTW, the fruits are meant to be cherished to span new wheels of life, continuing the tradition.


I don't worry about the Future. I have enough gratitude in me to spend.

28 March 2016



Not just the money!
The Fertility of Soil, Purity of Water and Freshness of Air as well!

For our children.

21 August 2015

Human Journey

We are all Sperms travelling towards the womb in the intercourse between Sun and Soil.

We shall reach the destination only when we remember the purpose of our travel!

06 June 2015


WALK TO BADANAVALU is a walkathon organized by the 'Friends of the Handloom' from 15th to 19th of April 2015 starting from various places including Mysore and culminating at Badanaval (a small weaving village in Nanjangud taluk).

I am very much interested in joining this Walkathon because of three reasons. First, I believe WALKING is a much forgotten adventure sport. This walkathon gives an opportunity to rediscover it with my family. From Mysore, Badanaval is neither too far nor too near. Walking through picturesque villages, vast tracts of fields, rugged roads, songs and theater, film shows, soak in the hospitality provided by villagers. It makes a perfect family outing to start the school vacation.

Secondly, this is an opportunity to walk through the countryside of India along with my countrymen. While great souls like Swami Vivekananda and Gandhiji has done it with a greater purpose and vision, I see it as a way to understand the ecosystem around me better. With the accommodation and food being arranged in the villages enroute, it's a great opportunity to mingle with villagers and learn Sustainable Living up, close and personal - with the safety and security aspects of my family taken care of.

Thirdly, Gandhiji being a role model for me, I believe in his statement of 'India's future lies in its Villages'. Gandhiji's choice of Charaka as a symbol of upliftment of the poor was not a random one. It represents India's long tradition in cotton and handloom and Gandhiji sees that as an tool for a rural based economical revival across the nation. So, this walk would be an opportunity to learn our culture and roots from a historical as well as futuristic perspective.

Care to join?

26 September 2014


To earn a livelihood from the Goodwill of Others is the accepted limit to expect from doing Good.