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While the definition of Beauty has remained unchanged, the expressions of it has been changing.

Gandhiji worked towards making the Society realize the prevailing Injustice. Today, when we try to make the Society feel 'Beauty' differently, it's a different kind of work than what Gandhiji embarked on. Making the Society realize the relationship between Justice and Beauty is quite challenging.
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Directional Relevance

Wanting Things is a form of Misery.
Happiness in Western Culture is about wanting something & getting it. But Craving is never ending. So, as long as we look at Western Culture as the model of Growth, our sufferings will persist. And to change our direction of Growth in today's globalized world is like steering a 40 feet truck for a U-turn.  It can happen when all beings including Humans can collectively work towards it!
Happy Ugadi 2017!


There are two kind of Entrepreneurs in the world today.
One who works for welfare of the others by generating more wealth
One who works for the welfare of others by sacrificing personal belongings and interests.
In today's world of natural resources scarcity, The future belongs to the latter, I suppose.
Nevertheless, the definition of Entrepreneurship is never gonna change over time all all. Entrepreneurship is all about working for the welfare of Others, I realize!


Studying the types of things that gives one the pleasure & happiness is vital, as nullifying that list is one's own responsibility. Whereas, studying the types of sadness producing things may become irrelevant if faith in the supreme can be reinforced!

Good Health

In the pursuit of Good Health,

Consumption of Organic food comes only as the second thing.

The first thing is to take Vow(s) to regulate Food habits and adhering to it at all cost!